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Who and what is Van der Hoeven Klassiek?

The company was born from a passion for the older models that brands like BMW, Mercedes and Porsche produced in the 70s and 80s.
Think of the magnificent Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 or a fantastic BMW E30 M3. And let us certainly not forget the legendary Porsche 911.
Each car has his own story. Not 13 ​​in a dozen models, but real cars that gives you goose bumps when you hear or see them pass out.

Since last year the demand for these vehicles is increasing.
It seemed a good idea to increase the passion for these cars.
And how can you do better than to share the passion with others and ensure that the really beautiful ones come into the hands of people who cherish a car.
People who only drive the car when the weather is great, clean it for hours and can watch their "beauty" for houres.

In short, it is my passion I now love to share with other enthusiasts.




Please call Mark van der Hoeven:
telefone: XX31 - 10 20 64 586
cell: XX31 - 65 09 94 486